Cancun Sabor Mexicano Review
Good Mexican food in the East Bay? Oh my!
With its extravagant variety of salsas and classic dishes, Cancun is our go-to spot for those quesadilla cravings.

A 50’s Inspired Back To School Romance

"My head is sayin’, ‘Fool, forget him.’
My heart is sayin’, ‘Don’t let go.
Hold on to the end.’
And that’s what I intend to do.
I’m hopelessly devoted to you.”
- Olivia Newton-John, Grease
You’ll be sure to catch your sweetheart’s attention with these Kawaii Prep x Greaser inspired looks!

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221B Baker Street (a.k.a. The Sherlock Holmes Themed Cafe) Review
“‘Excellent!’ I cried. ‘Elementary,’ said he.”
- Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly the most popular fictional detective of all time so what better way to celebrate your obsession with the series than with a visit to a Sherlock Holmes-themed cafe!
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Lace on Flickr.

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Shanghai: Travel Overview
People call it the “Paris of the East” with its bright lights and unparalleled sophistication.
But is this nickname really fair? Shanghai stands alone and is drastically different than the “City of Lights.” Shanghai is Shanghai. And I’ve tried to capture my favorite parts of the city in this post.

Green String Farm Store on Flickr.

Green String Farm on Flickr.

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A Tropical Romance

"I have watched you on the shore
Standing by the ocean’s roar.
Do you love me? Do you, surfer girl?
Surfer girl, surfer girl.”
- The Beach Boys
Wind-tousled hair, glistening skin, the smell of the ocean on one’s skin—there is something magical about a summer romance. We’re here to capture the life and energy of the experience in a cute and silly way.

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Green String Farm on Flickr.

Wasabi Ahi Sandwich on Flickr.

Cleansing Kale Shake Recipe

Not a fan of vegetables but want the health benefits of kale?
Then this tasty and easy recipe is just for you!

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YakiniQ Review

Peach soju and All-You-Can-Eat KBBQ? Oh my!
If you happen to be in SF’s Japantown but have a craving for some Korean food, here’s the place to go.

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