Sun Kissed Summer Makeup Tutorial
Seeking that warm summer glow to go with your perfect beach tan?
This simple tutorial is here for you just in time for 4th of July.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Duke University & Durham, NC: Travel Overview
Gothic cathedrals. Pine forests. Winter blooms.
If any of the above peek your interest then you’re in for a treat. I journeyed to the distant South to visit a bosom friend at the beautiful Duke University.

5 Tips to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

With graduation and summer right around the corner, here are some easy ways for keeping your makeup looking flawless all day, every day!

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The Little Dipper Fondue Review
"Fondue is just cheese and bread, my friend."
- Howard Stark (Captain America: The First Avenger)
Check out this retro favorite~

Willow 6 on Flickr.

Willow 5 on Flickr.

Willow 4 on Flickr.

Willow 3 on Flickr.

Willow 2 on Flickr.

Willow 1 on Flickr.

DIY Flower Arch
April showers bring May flowers…
…so the saying goes. Here’s an awesome way to make a beautiful flower arch for your next spring event—weddings, dance parties, and baby showers included!

Koryo Wood Charcoal B.B.Q. Review

In case you ever feel a desire for glorious amounts of meat and banchan, Korean side dishes.

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"And like a new-born spirit did he pass 
Through the green evening quiet in the sun,  
O’er many a heath, through many a woodland dun,  
Through buried paths, where sleepy twilight dreams 
The summer time away.”
- John Keats

Yang Qu’s ”Willow” Collection.
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